If your child is unable to attend any session please telephone 01202 778181 to notify the Nursery, an answerphone message can be left on the school absence line of which a message will be forwarded to the Nursery.

If you child is unwell at Nursery then a phone call will be made for you to collect your child, we will start with your Primary contact and make our way through your emergency contact list. Please make sure that you keep us updated with any change of telephone/email details. 

Although attendance is recorded for registration purposes, there is no recording of attendance percentages etc. and although school attendance is monitored by the BCP Council with termly audits, the Nursery is not included.

However if irregular attendance does occur without notification/reason then you may forfeit your place if we have children on a waiting list.

Please see the link below for the Absence Notification form for Starfish Nursery.

Absence Notification Form