Starting School

Whether you choose Stanley Green Infant Academy or another local school for your child we want to make the transition to ‘big school’ a happy and smooth experience.

If you choose Stanley Green as your school and your child attends Starfish Nursery there will be many opportunities for your child to spend time in our Reception base leading up to the end of their Nursery time.


There are many ways you can help prepare your child for school

  • Co-operating – Your child will need to learn how to get on well with others
  • Listening & Understanding – They should enjoy talking about stories you have shared. You can help by giving them simple instructions to follow
  • Sharing – It is important for your child to be able to share with other children
  • Dealing independently with care needs – Using the toilet, washing hands and learning how to get dressed by themselves, this will really help them at school.
  • Speaking clearly in sentences – If your child can speak clearly, this will help them when asking for help. Also it will help their friends and adults understand what they are saying.
  • Having co-ordination – They will learn best if encouraged to be active from the tips of my fingers to the ends of my toes.
  • Showing curiosity and enthusiasm – They need to have lots of fun opportunities to explore the world around them.


Open EveningDate/Time TBC – There will be an opportunity for you to come along in June to meet the Senior Leadership Team and the Early Years team. This evening is full of information and will give you the opportunity to ask any questions/concerns you may have. There will also be an opportunity for you to taste food from our Hot School Meal Providers who will have tasty samples for you to enjoy. Along with an opportunity to meet the Before and After School Provisions that we have on site at Stanley Green (Super Stars).

Teddy Bear Time – Date/Time TBC – This is an informal and fun session for you and your child (and their Teddy) to meet the teacher and other children in their class as they join in with some of the activities.

Meet the Teacher – Date/Time TBC – This is a 10 minute scheduled appointment where you will have a 1-1 meeting with the teacher to discuss any concerns that you have about your child and starting school.