All admissions are dealt with through central admissions with the Borough of Poole. If you would like further information, please contact the Admissions team at Children and Families Integrated Services on (01202) 261936, who will be able to assist you.

Visits to the school are warmly welcomed, please contact the school office on (01202) 778181 to make a mutually convenient appointment.

Arrangements for the admission of pupils with SEN and disabilities

As stated in the Admissions policy, the school offers places to all applicants irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity or country of origin, disability or academic ability. The policy also states that in-line with the SEN Code of Practice, the Governors are legally required to admit a child with a statement of special needs issued by the local authority. Therefore a pupil with disability faces no disadvantage with regards to admission to the school.

If a child with disability seeks admission to the school, we would ask you to give as much information as possible in advance regarding their disability in order to ensure that reasonable adjustment had been made by the time the child was admitted.

The school has an accessibility plan which is regularly monitored and updated and which takes into account the delivery of curriculum, physical accessibility and communication. Staff are aware of their responsibility to make reasonable adjustments and to ensure that disabled pupils are not treated less favourably. Staff training is arranged as appropriate.

To view details of the Borough of Poole’s Proposed School Admission Arrangements 2020/21 – Admissions Stat Notice 2018

To view details of  Stanley Green Infant Academy Admissions Policy 2020/21 – Stanley Green Infant Academy Admissions Policy 2020-21