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Subject Lead - Science (ID 1275)

Science is one of the core subjects of the curriculum.

Science is a way of making sense of the world, and the universe beyond it. Science involves systematically making and testing ideas, collecting evidence through a variety of methods, problem-solving, and creating new knowledge.

Primary science introduces children to scientific ways of investigating the physical world and to 'stepping-stone' ideas from which official ideas will develop later.

Science encourages types of learning such as critical thinking and problem solving which will be applicable in the rest of their lives in and out of the classroom.

 This is a very useful link - BBC Bitesize - Science

Intent, Implementation, Impact

What Science looks like at Stanley Green Infant Academy

 Knowledge Organisers

KO - Animals including Humans

KO - Everyday Materials

KO - Living Things and their Habitats

KO - Plants

KO - Seasonal Change

 National Curriculum

National Curriculum - Science

 Progression of Skills

Progression of Skills - Science