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Physical Education (PE)

Subject Lead - PE (ID 1277)

PE is a subject that we feel passionate about at Stanley Green. It is our aim for all children to be enthusiastic about physical exercise and development the fundamental movement skills needed for life.

Not only does exercise improve a child’s overall health and fitness it helps to improve their mental health and cognitive development as well, by taking part in physical exercise, children are more likely to concentrate and maintain focus in lessons.

Our PE curriculum is divided into the areas of games, athletics, gymnastics and dance. Each year our children are taught the key skills that allow them to make progress in these areas.

Physical Activities

As well as the PE curriculum, we ensure that our children can access a variety of physical activities. This includes activities such as enrichment experiences from outside providers and lunchtime activities organised by a play leader.

During playtimes, children can use a variety of equipment and join in with games with their friends. Year 2 playground pals help to support the younger children with these activities.

Each class completes Stanley’s mile once a week and our children enjoy challenging themselves to run further and to beat their teacher! They also complete a daily one minute PE challenge such as arm lifts, squats or jogging.

Our children compete in our half termly competitions. They compete in their PE colour teams and they love being competitive and working as a team. There is always anticipation to find out the winning class and the winning colour teams in each year group! 

This year we have been able to offer a breakfast club and after school club to our children. The breakfast club includes fun and engaging physical games as well as a healthy breakfast and the after school club provides our children with the opportunity to take part in a variety of multi skill games.

Our sports week during the Summer Term is a highlight of the year. Our children can use all the skills they have learnt throughout the year and collaborate in their colour teams. They love receiving their medals! 







WOW - Walk to school. Our children take part in the walk to school initiative. Each day the children record how they travelled to school. Children who walk to school twice a week earn a badge at the end of each month.


2021-22 Highlights

Race for life – we took part in the schools Race for Life and we raised the incredible amount of £1471 (+gift aid of £284.63) 




One enrichment experience was a visit from two GB athletes (Aidan Syres and Annie Tagoe). Our children loved taking part in their exercise sessions and they enjoyed asking them questions to find out about their sporting experiences. 


2022-23 so far

As a school we completed the mini London Marathon and everyone received a badge. Over two weeks we ran 2.6 miles!

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