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Subject Lead - History & Geography (ID 1276)

At Stanley Green we promote a love of Geography and curiosity about our local environment.  Learning about Geography helps the children to develop their knowledge and understanding about different places around the world, finding similarities and differences across the globe. 

Geography is split up into different strands which help the children to develop their knowledge about the environment.  We encourage children to use a variety of topic related language throughout our learning.

  • Locational knowledge - Finding places on a map or globe
  • Physical Geography - Physical features and effects e.g. - weather
  • Human Geography - Man-made features and understanding e.g. - a town is bigger than a village
  • Place Knowledge - Facts about a place e.g. - Poole is a town
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork - Using and following maps and keys

Our aim is to make Geography a fun and purposeful learning experience for all of our children.  We begin our focus with where we live and go to school and gradually widen our study areas as the children progress through the school – our home and school, local area, Poole, other local towns, Dorset, UK, Jamaica, continents and oceans.



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